Art Enrichment suggestions during Time off school

During this time away from Crystal Lake Park District programs, our art instructors will providing at home art activities. If you create a project, feel free to share photos your kids working on the project and of the finished project. Check back often for updates!

Pictures can be shared via email to or via a message to the Crystal Lake Park District Facebook or Instagram pages.

Project #1

Hello Families,

This project might seem simple to most, & in fact, I was reluctant to teach it to my upper-grade students at the Montessori school where I also work, thinking it would only appeal to the Kindergarten class, but I was wrong...they loved it! And, the variety of personality in their finished pieces really stood out when displayed all together. So, during this time of separation from our usual daily activities, I encourage your entire family to have fun with this project, and create a series of colorful, smiley Monster Faces to display in your home or share on instagram at #lilliebridgeART and #crystallakeparkdistrict

Have FUN! Be well!
Enjoy the little things!

Jennifer Lilliebridge
'Cross the Lilliebridge

Instagram/Facebook: lilliebridgejennifer

(Ages 5-up)

To use as a project base:
* The back of a cereal box
* A sheet of construction paper or cardstock
* A $1 store artist canvas board

A black Sharpie marker
Construction paper/cardstock in a variety of colors OR Tempera/Acrylic paint
A drinking glass
A large mixing bowl
A one-inch hole punch OR a quarter to trace around

Place the edge of a very large mixing bowl over your project base, covering about 2/3 of it, & use a pencil to trace a curve. The lower 2/3 portion of the project base will be painted one color for the head, & the upper portion will be painted a different color for the background behind your monster.

If you're not using paint, then draw the same curve on your construction paper & cut (two different colored sheets at the same time or separately) along that line to create the head & background colors. Glue the head & background colors to your project base.

Trace two (or more) circles, onto white paper, from a drinking glass & cut them out, to use as eyes. Using a one-inch hole-punch, cut two (or more) black circles from construction paper, or trace two (or more) quarters & cut them out with scissors, to use as pupils. Glue them to the eyes.

Glue, (either one, two, or three), eyes onto, or slightly above, your monster face. Use a black Sharpie marker to outline the eyes & draw a smile/mouth. (Make sure any paint or glue is dry or wiped off before using the Sharpie, so it doesn't get ruined.)

Cut a one-inch strip of white construction paper, from which you can snip triangles to use for teeth. Glue the teeth along the smile line creating a toothy grin or fangs. Outline the teeth with a Sharpie marker. Add a few lines of hair, or whatever details you'd like, such as a bow tie, or a hair bow, eyelashes, or eyebrows. Make it your own, & display in a group to guarantee a smile as you walk by. ?

Current Season Art Classes

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Kids/Teen Paint Art Attack

Kids/Teens Paint Art Attack
Sat, Mar 21, 10 am-Noon
Code #220303-03

Spring 2020 Dates
Sat, Apr 4
Sat, May 2

Adult Art Attack! Sip & Paint

Art Attack Sip & Paint
Mon, Mar 9, 7-9:30 pm
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Spring 2020 Dates
Mon, Apr 6
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