Sterne’s Woods & Fen Volunteer Work Day - 1.23.22

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Sterne's outdoor pavilion, 5617 Hillside Dr, Crystal Lake

Please join us on Sunday, January 23, from 9-11AM.  We're very close to having the old horse track cleared of brush.  We're burning brush piles all winter so we'll be toasty warm while working.  See below for some tips on what to wear around fire.  If you'd like to help for more than two hours, a few of us will be on site an hour before and after the workday to tend the fires.


Our Covid rules for January:

  1. All volunteers will need to sign-in.  
  2. Unvaccinated volunteers are to wear a mask if not social distancing.

What to wear when burning:

  1. Don't wear anything nice!  There will be sparks and smoke.  You'll leave with either spots or holes in your clothes and smelling like a campfire.
  2. Don't wear synthetic fabrics.  The sparks will melt holes in common synthetics like polyester and possibly burn you.  
  3. Do wear natural fibers like cotton and wool which won't melt and will resist the sparks. (Pro-tip: you can find used flame-resistant clothes made of Nomex fabric either online or at army surplus).


We meet once a month at Sterne's outdoor pavilion, 5617 Hillside Dr. from 9-11AM.  Volunteers have a chance to learn about restoration ecology and what makes Sterne’s Fen special.  Please bring a water bottle and a pair of work gloves.  The park district will supply loppers and bow saws, and I will bring snacks to share.  Invasives like honeysuckle and buckthorn are crowding out the native fen species.  The brush also prevents the use of controlled burns on the fen. Email Brice Alt, volunteer site steward, to receive a monthly workday reminder:  Our next two Sunday work dates are:  February 27 and March 27.  


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