Sterne’s Woods & Fen Volunteer Work Day - 5.22.22

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Sterne's Woods, 5617 Hillside Rd, Crystal Lake


May will be our annual garlic mustard pull.  When pulling garlic mustard it can be helpful to have a flathead screwdriver or weeder to loosen soil around the long tap root.  The park district will provide garbage bags for the garlic mustard however volunteers are welcome to bring their own weeders and gloves.


Sterne’s Woods & Fen became an Illinois State Nature Preserve in 1994 to preserve and protect its unique ecology.  A fen is a rare type of wetland in which cold groundwater that is high in calcium and magnesium seeps to the surface.  The unique water chemistry supports plants that grow nowhere else.  Sterne’s Fen is home to at least 10 rare or endangered plant species.  The surrounding parkland acts as a buffer to the fen and includes prairie, oak savanna, and flatwood ecosystems.  Every one of those ecosystems can benefit from the efforts of volunteers.  Join us once a month and learn about them!


We meet once a month at Sterne's outdoor pavilion, 5617 Hillside Dr. from 9-11AM.  Volunteers have a chance to learn about restoration ecology and what makes Sterne’s Fen special.  Please bring a water bottle and a pair of work gloves.  I'll bring treats to share, and after working we can take a short nature hike around the fen to highlight the spring natives.  Email Brice Alt, volunteer site steward, to receive a monthly work day reminder:  Our next two Sunday work dates are:   June 26 and July 24.


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