10 & Under Golf N Tennis Camp - 6.25.19

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: The Racket Club, 9101 S. Route 31, Algonquin

3 Classes
We've got a super combo for the little players out there! Golf and tennis are two life sports that appeal to athletes who are comfortable in individual or team settings. Campers will alternate throughout the morning between tennis and golf with plenty of variety to keep things interesting. Snack and water breaks will be given.
Kids are encouraged to bring their own equip-ment, but the Racket Club will provide equip-ment if necessary.

Dimensions of the playing areas will be scaled down so campers can enjoy the camp at a smaller size and pace. We want it to be a game before it's a sport. Better yet, parents will love their new-found flexibility to get things done on camp mornings!


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