Kenosha Museum, Streetcar & Lunch - 3.19.19

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: transporation from Veteran Acres Rotary Building

Kenosha, WI
Ages 18 & Up
The first stop will be an authentic German lunch at the House
of Gerhard followed by a quick, hop-on 2-mile scenic tour of
the Lake Michigan shoreline, Harbor Park, two historic districts
and the downtown business district via an authentic streetcar.
Lastly, we will spend the afternoon at the Civil War Museum
which includes a 30-45 minute theater performance - who
better to tell the stories of the people who were touched by
the Civil War or slavery than the individuals themselves? The
Civil War Museum focuses on the contributions of the Upper
Middle West - Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota and
Michigan. Indicate lunch entree when registering, choices
are: Bavarian Pot Roast, Roasted Chicken Breast or Rouladen
(sliced beef roll-up with stone ground mustard, onions, bacon
and prickle-topped with brown gravy). Transportation
9 am–4:30 pm


register for code #231557-01


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