Murder Mystery - 4.27.18

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: transportation from Park Place, 406 W. Woodstock St, Crystal Lake

Ages 18 & Up    
Solve a hilarious crime while you feast on a fantastic meal. Just beware.....the killer is hiding somewhere in the room and you may find yourself a prime suspect as each mystery is unpredictable. You will find yourself engaged and involved to a level you never thought possible! Shows are set during the present day and take place in real time. Over the course of the event, Detective will uncover clues, interrogate audience members and help everyone get closer to solving the mystery!  The audience member that gives the best correct answer of “whodunit?” before the killer is revealed will walk away with a stellar prize package. Lunch is served throughout the event with different courses coming at various times. Entree selections: Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Stuffed Chicken Breast or Wild Mushroom en Croute. Registration deadline is April 2, space permitting.
Program Fee: $95
Resident Discount Fee: $90
231520-01    W    Apr 27    11 am-3:30 pm


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