Root Beer Stand Entrepreneur Workshop - 5.19.19

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Admin. Bldg. 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake

Ages 7-13

Whether your child is entrepreneurial or not, they will LOVE this 90-minute unique spring
adventure as they are coached on how to become a Root Beer Stand Entrepreneur. In a group setting, children will be mentored and motivated as they create a partial business plan and then act out running their own mock root beer stand! Targeted skills include: communication, CEO thinking, self-esteem, financial literacy, marketing, science, creativity and building a reputation. This unique enrichment offering is an instructor exclusive and teaches the basics of entrepreneurship and making business fun through the sumptuous treat of root beer...a perfect platform to wet kid's appetite for leadership! The coaching session will culminate with a decadent root beer treat. Content is adjusted for each child's
age range.
3-4:30 pm


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