Salt Caves & Jolly Inn Trip - 1.28.20

Time: 9:30 AM

Location: transportation from Veteran Acres

Ages 18 & Up
Salt for a long time has been considered a symbol of friendship, eternity, wisdom and health. The technology of building salt-iodine caves, patented in 108 countries, is based on the Black Sea salt, crystallized in natural conditions. The sea microclimate created inside the caves becomes an oasis of peace and relaxation for citizens of many countries. Since 2000, the Everet Company has been building Galos caves in Poland. The first salt-iodine cave in the U.S. was built according to very strict technological rules and brought here to Chicago. Come experience those caves with us along with an authentic Polish buffet. Transportation by CLPD van/bus. Light walking. A final departure and arrival time will be sent out one week prior to the trip. You must wear socks in the cave. Reg Deadline: Jan 20

9:30 am-3 pm



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