Update: July 29, 2021

On July 27, 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released revised COVID-19 guidance pertaining to face coverings. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has adopted the same guidelines and the Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA) recommends complying with the CDC and IDPH guidance. Moving forward until further notice, the following changes will be implemented at Crystal Lake Park District indoor programs and facilities:

1) All staff in indoor facilities will be required to wear face coverings in public spaces. In addition, if staff are in an office and proper 6 foot social distancing cannot take place, face coverings must be worn.

2) The CDC and IDPH have updated their face covering guidelines to recommend all individuals, including fully vaccinated individuals, wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission. As of July 28, 2021, McHenry County reached the level of substantial (level orange)transmission. Based on the updated guidance, the Crystal Lake Park District recommends that individuals who visit any indoor facility of the agency wear a face covering.

3) Guidance specific to certain program areas, particularly the K-12 age group has not changed. Guidance will be addressed individually by the Recreation Supervisor in charge of each area.

Update: May 25, 2021

If you are fully vaccinated, facial coverings are optional. By entering the facility and/or participating in programs without a face covering, you are verifying truthfully
that you have been fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is defined as 14 days after the full course of an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccination.
Please continue social distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible. Facial coverings remain mandatory if you are not fully vaccinated.

For more information on the COVID-19 virus, please visit the following links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

McHenry County Health Department (MCDH)

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

As always, your continued understanding, patience and support is valued and appreciated.