All Crystal Lake Park District parks are open every day from SUNRISE-SUNDOWN with the exception of Main Beach (9 am) and West Beach (10 am).


Park District ordinance prohibits snowmobiles on trails.

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any type of vehicle using 2, 3, 4, or more wheels, including snowmobiles, on or across any Park District property


Use of charcoal grills is encouraged and use of charcoal receptacles in picnic shelter areas is encouraged. Gas grills are prohibited at Main Beach.

With the exception of Main and West Beaches, dogs on leash are allowed at all Crystal Lake Park District parks and natural areas.

No, at the present time, the Crystal Lake Park District does not have a dedicated gym space. For programs requiring gyms, the Park Districts works cooperatively with D47 and D155 schools

to host athletic leagues in school gymnasiums. The Racket Club, a Crystal Lake Park District indoor tennis facility, periodically offers drop in tennis times or family nights. Visit the for more information.


No, the Crystal Lake Park District doesn’t have an indoor track. For outdoor hiking trail maps, please visit the ‘Maps’ section of our website

Hound Town is a three-acre park located in the heart of the Lippold Park Sport Complex. It is a place where dogs can socialize and run off leash-dogs love it! The park is entirely fenced and is open year-round, dawn to dusk. A drinking fountain is available for both humans and dogs. A porta-pottie is available onsite. There are two shade canopies and several picnic tables within the fenced area.

Reservations are required to have exclusive use of a park picnic shelter. For more information visit

If the problem involves the maintenance of the park, please call or email Erik Jakubowski at 815.477.5007. If the problem involves safety or vandalism, the Crystal Lake Park District's full-time, year-round park police department works closely with the Crystal Lake and Village of Lakewood police to keep parks and facilities safe. If at any time you see suspicious activities, please call 815.459.0680. After business hours, please call the SEECOM Dispatch 815.356.1114 to report any problems. Our officer will receive a radio message and will handle the situation.

Rental rates vary according to event size, amenities rented and type of event. Please visit for more information. For rate and date availability, contact Antony Mores at

An interactive map can be found in the Facilities/Parks tab of the website. The Crystal Lake Park District brochure includes a map with all the parks and facility locations.

Visit our seasonal fun page for information: Sled hill and skate rink conditions are also available on rainoutline