In the event that your class is cancelled, you will receive a phone call from the program instructor or sign up for our alert system at and follow the prompts.

Listed with every class is an age and/or grade designation that notifies interested participants the age demographics for each class or program. This designation is necessary for several reasons. First, the class or activity is specifically designed for a certain age group. Second, we have found that participants enjoy and get more out of an activity when interacting with peer groups of similar ages. Third, generally people feel more comfortable around people their own age and will enjoy the activity in opportunities that provide this outlet. Last, concerns of safety and fair playing become issues when mixing age groups especially in youth. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and hope you enjoy your recreational opportunities here at the Crystal Lake Park District.

Drop-In Activities will take place without a registration commitment. Any programs listed as drop-in or without a registration program code are expected to take place. Sometimes weather or other factors may cause a drop-in program/event to be cancelled. When in doubt regarding weather or other concerns, check with the program facility hosting the event, rainoutline or the front page of the website.

The fitness grid schedule at is the most up to date way to view the current season fitness and yoga class daily schedule. Cancelled or class changes are noted in red. Classes that are Fitness Punch Pass eligible are denoted by 'FPP'.

This is dependent on the trip itself as well as transportation arrangements. For questions regarding adult trips, contact Jennifer Peterson at 815-459-0680, ext. 1219 or