Weed Harvesting in West Bay of Crystal Lake Scheduled for August 30

Wed August 22, 2018

On Thursday, August 30, Clearwater Harvesters will be in West Bay to remove the floating eelgrass that is building along the northern shore of West Bay on Crystal Lake. They will start early at 6am and work in areas inside the no wake markers to shore. 
The harvester can get in fairly close to shore, but has limited access to narrow areas. If you have a fair amount of floating mats within your pier area and have boats that are blocking them from getting in close, try to move boats, etc. to another section of the pier temporarily. If you don't have significant amounts of vegetation floating around your pier, the harvester probably won't work there, unless the initial areas have been cleared and there is still time in the day, they will work for 10-12 hours.
The harvesting process itself is meant to remove most of the floating mats within the operations area. Just by the nature of the equipment, it will not be able to get everything totally cleaned up. This will get the majority of the material leaving whatever is left easier for resident clean-up.
For more information, contact Hey and Associates, Inc. at 847-740-0888.