Still Time to Register for Yoga with the Crystal Lake Park District

Tue October 17, 2017

The Crystal Lake Park District has Yoga classes beginning soon. Our certified instructors will guide you in proper form and technique as you challenge your body during our classes.

WB=West Beach

MB=Main Beach


Meditation is like a shower for your mind.   Take time to still your thoughts and relax as you study various meditation techniques.  Through breath, smell, sound and movement you decide which style of meditation resonates with you. Bring blanket or cushion, yoga mat and water bottle.

131043-01  Monday, Oct 23-Dec 18/8 Weeks    

$37/$42, 6-6:30 pm, WB, Lisa Gniady

131043-03 Thursday, Oct 19-Dec 21/9Weeks

$42/$47, 10:15-10:45 am, WB, Lisa Gniady

*no class  Nov. 6, Nov. 23.

Weight Loss Yoga

Looking to improve your body image?  Tone up and learn the techniques for improving will power.  Commitment and practice is what it takes.  Move, meditate and get in touch with your inner self.  Take time for you, you deserve it!  Open to anyone looking to improve their body image.

131041-01, Monday, Oct 23-Dec 18/8 Weeks

 $73/$78, 5-6 pm, WB, Lisa Gniady

*no class Nov. 6.

 Kundalini Yoga

Take your yoga to the next level.  This class will take you on a journey to find joy and peace within yourself.  Use breath, mantra and movement to bring yourself to a state of balance.  Practicing in a group amplifies the experience.  Each class will include Meditation and occasional Gong Relaxation.  Bring a cushion to sit on and a yoga mat.

131042-01, Monday, Oct 23-Dec 18/8 Weeks     $73/$78

6:30-7:30 pm, WB, Lisa Gniady

131042-02 , Thursday, Oct 19-Dec 21/9 Weeks     $82/$87

9-10 am, WB, Lisa Gniady

*no class Nov. 6, Nov. 23.


Enjoy a serene class overlooking beautiful Crystal Lake!  Through yoga poses, student will develop greater flexibility, strength, body awareness and balance.  This practice blends yoga styles and will include meditation, breathing practice and relaxation techniques!  Bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class. inside if weather does not cooperate. 

131040-01, Monday, Oct 23 - Dec 18/8 Weeks   $73/$78

9-10 am, WB, Lisa Gniady

131040-04, Friday, Oct 20 - Dec 15/8 Weeks   $73/$78

9-10 am, WB, Lisa Gniady

*no class Nov. 6, Nov. 22, Nov. 23, Nov. 24.


Qi Gong with Meditation Relaxation (original form of Tai Chi)

The origins of Tai Chi, this class is an ancient form of exercise which focuses on the mind with healing techniques and gentle moving standing poses to connect our body and mind energy as one.  Through this practice we can heal not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  Class will be held on the beach weather permitting and inside if the weather is not cooperating.

331045-02, Wed, Nov 8, $11/$10

7:45-8:45 pm        MB          Donna Albano

Register online at or in person at the Crystal Lake Park District Administrative Office, One East Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake.  For more information contact Jennifer Peterson at (815) 459-0680, ext. 1219,