Next Session Youth Sports Classes Begins April 7

Tue March 29, 2022

The Crystal Lake Park District provides coaches and instruction for a full calendar of spring youth athletic opportunities for kids ages 2-14. Most classes begin the week of April 7 and run through late April-May. A complete list of class info and link to online registration can be found on pages 32-37 of the winter/spring digital activity guide at For more information on Crystal Lake Park District Youth Athletics classes, contact Heidi Stolt at (815) 459-0680, ext. 1213, Advance registration is required for all classes.

Ages 2-3

Hot Shots Sports Adult/Tot Basketball

Hot Shots Adult/Tot Ninja Warriors

Hot Shots Adult/Tot Soccer

Hot Shots Adult/Tot Sports

Trinity Parent & Tot Gymnastics

Ages 4-5

Hot Shots Lil Dribblers

Hot Shots Mini-Ninja Warriors

Hot Shots Pee Wee Soccer

Hot Shots Total Sports

Trinity Gymnastics Little Warriors

Trinity Jump Start Gymnastics

Ages 6-7

Hot Shots Lil Dribblers

Hot Shots Jr. Soccer

Hot Shots Lil Dribblers

Hot Shots Jr. Ninja Warriors

EVP Volleyball Skills and Drills

Ages 6-12

Trinity Tumbling

Trinity Parkour

Trinity Beginning Gymnastics

Ages 11-14

EVP Jr. Volleyball Skills and Drills