Baton Student is Featured Twirler for Prairie Ridge High School

Sat November 2, 2019

We are so proud of our Baton student, Grace Turskey, for becoming a feature twirler for Prairie Ridge High School as a freshman this year. Grace has been participating in our Baton classes, taught by Jana Sinn, for several years and is now signing autographs for little kids who look up to her and love to watch her perform.

Prairie Ridge High School Baton Twirler Grace Turskey says, “In baton class, I’m learning new twirls all the time. Miss Jana has been there helping me the whole way. I also learned to practice on my own during the week. It’s a cool experience being with the band. I’m more sociable with people now and I get to be in parades and perform at football games!”

Feeling inspired? Look for the next session of Baton in the Winter-Spring Activity Guide (delivery begins Dec 3). Baton is offered Sat, Jan 11-May 16.