Purchase and decorate a Main Beach Adirondack Chair

Mon October 19, 2020

Help the Crystal Lake Park District celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary in 2021! Be part of the Main Beach Chair Fair! We are offering local businesses, organizations or families an opportunity to show their support for the Park District.

Purchase an assembled Adirondack Chair from the Park District and paint it however you wish. These chairs will be proudly on display at Main Beach and used by beach goers. Theme ideas include your logo and business theme, parks and recreation, beach and boats… feel free to be creative! Need help! We have an artist resource list to connect you with someone who will help you design your chair artwork.


Receive chair Jan 2021

Decorate chair thru April 2021

Chair displayed at Main Beach May 29-Sept 10, 2021


One Adirondack Chair=$100


Sherri Van Vlierbergen, svanvlierbergen@crystallakeparks.org, 815-459-0680, ext. 1218

Taking reservations through November 30, 2020.

More info and link to online registration on our website