Playground Surfacing Updates-Woodscreek Park Playground Open Until May 30

Mon May 23, 2022

Contractor work on playground safety surfacing replacement recently began at Veteran Acres Park, Woodscreek Park and Woodland Estates Park. Veteran Acres Park and Woodland Estates Parks are fenced and closed until the projects are completed.

At Woodscreek Park, removal of the mulch and Poured-in-Place surfacing work will not start until the week after Memorial Day weekend! The playground is open and not fenced off until after the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We do not anticipate it affecting splash pad operations at Veteran Acres or Woodscreek Park. This project is weather dependent and we are working closely with the contractor to make sure the playgrounds are safe and ready for play as soon as possible (approximately 8 weeks). Look for project updates on our website