Crystal Lake Park District Staff Receives Award at NISRA Recognition Banquet

Fri March 30, 2018

Big congratulations go out to our very own, Superintendent of Recreation! Kim Buscemi was recently honored at the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA) Recognition Banquet. NISRA has 5 Core Values on which they base their annual awards banquet:

Fun- Professional - Compassionate - Trustworthy - Innovative

Kim received an award based on the Innovative Value for her work above and beyond as the chair of design and logistics for NISRA’s holiday fashion show. She was able to develop a vision using her keen sense of design and see it through 9 months of implementation. The NISRA Holiday Fashion show is one of the foundation’s major fundraising events. A theme is implemented into both the big and small details for the event. Everything from the color palette, center pieces, favors, floor plan, menu, and yes, decorations in the restrooms are all developed with great detail and make for a magical holiday experience for the 500 guests in attendance.  Kim saw every detail through from brainstorming with the committee to post event wrap-up and for that work above and beyond. Congratulations, Kim!