Crystal Lake Park District Referendum 2022

The Crystal Lake Park District Board of Commissioners is asking the community to vote on a referendum, placed on the June 28, 2022 ballot, to change terms of office for elected Commissioners from 4 years to 6 years. The rationale behind asking voters to consider this change is to ensure stability to the community and to the Crystal Lake Park District through a more staggered election cycle. The proposed change would result in two to three Commissioners being elected every other year instead of the current three in one election and four in another election.

The Board of Commissioners is submitting this referendum to the residents of the Park District to provide continuity in the progress and direction of the Crystal Lake Park District so that a majority of commissioners remain in office at each election.

The Crystal Lake Park District Board of Commissioners are residents of the Park District who are elected to act as representatives of all residents of the District in maintaining and promoting the use of park and recreation activities. There are seven Commissioners, each of whom currently serve a four-year, unpaid term.


Q. How will the outcome of the referendum affect my taxes?
A. The results of the referendum will have no impact on your taxes. The Board of Commissioners are not paid for their service.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. Questions can be directed to Crystal Lake Park District Jason Herbster,

Q. How is the referendum question going to appear on the June 28 ballot?
A. The referendum question must be in the form provided by the Park District code and the general election law as it appears below.

Should the terms of office of the Board of Park Commissioners of the Crystal Lake Park District
be increased to six (6) years from the present four (4) year terms?

Q. If the referendum is approved when would this change take effect?
A. The current Commissioners would all serve their remaining terms of office. The terms of three current commissioners expire in May, 2023 and the terms of four current commissioners expire in May, 2025. In order for the terms to be staggered correctly, three commissioners would be elected in 2023 (one to a six year term and two to four year terms) and four would be elected in 2025 (one to a four year term and three to six year terms). Beginning in 2027, all commissioners would be elected to six year terms.

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