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    The Crystal Lake Park District's full-time year-round park police department works closely with the Crystal Lake and Village of Lakewood Police to keep your parks and facilities safe. We need your help in protecting these properties. If at any time you see suspicious activities, call Chief Dan Dziewior at 815-356-2415, x2101 or Erik Jakubowski at 815-477-5007, x2101. After business hours, call the Crystal Lake Police Department, 815-455-2313, to report any problems. Our officer will receive a radio message will handle the situation

    Our Mission

    The purpose of the Crystal Lake Park District Police Department is to serve Crystal Lake Park District residents and park users by providing visitor and natural resource protection at all Park District properties. Central to fulfilling this mission is the adherence to the following principles:

    1. Treat all people with courtesy and respect.
    2. Work to anticipate and prevent problems.
    3. Enforce the laws and ordinances of the Crystal Lake Park District and the State of Illinois.

    Contact Chief Dan Dziewior
  • Ordinances

    Complete Listing of Park Ordinances (Reviewed and revised August 2015)

    Park Hours

    Parks are open Dawn-Dusk. Park District facilities have posted hours of operation. Contact or visit the facility webpage to confirm hours of operation.

    In connection with any Park or Property of the District:

    • No Person shall be allowed on Park Property between Dusk and Dawn, unless otherwise authorized by the Director or when attending an authorized meeting or activity being held in a District Facility.
    • No person shall be allowed at any time, for any reason, on any Park site or Property that is declared closed by the Director or their designate.

    Domestic AnimalS

    • Dogs and cats only are permitted at park areas when kept on a physical leash or tether being held by the animal's owner (excluding the dog park).
    • Dogs and cats are not allowed within playground borders or areas as otherwise marked.
    • All other animals, including horses, are prohibited unless authorized by the Park Board of Commissioners.
    • The person bringing the animal into the park area is responsible for removal of any defecation created by that animal.
    • Animals are prohibited at Main Beach and West Beach.

    Parking Ordinances

    A. It shall be unlawful on any Park District property for any person to park any vehicle except within designated parking areas.
    B. Except when and where permitted by special Park District programs, it shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle on Park District property as follows:

    1. upon grassy areas;
    2. where official signs prohibit such parking;
    3. so as to block completely, or in part, any entrance, exit or driveway; ($50/$75)
    4. in any manner so as to disrupt or block normal traffic movement;
    5. in any manner so as to encroach upon more than one parking place;
    6. from dusk until dawn unless prior approval is granted, or the person is attending an approved Park District program;
    7. in any manner so as to block a designated fire lane ($100/$150)
    8. in the Administrative Office parking lot for purposes other than Park District business, rentals or programs.

    C. General parking restrictions shall not apply to authorized vehicles, or emergency vehickles of any agency in the performance of its duties


    No person shall upon or in connection with any Crystal Lake Park District property:


    No person shall offer or exchange for sale any article or thing, or do any hawking, peddling, or soliciting, or solicit or receive contributions of money or anything of value upon Park District property, unless authorized by the Park Board.

    ADVERTISING $75/$100

    A. The erection or maintenance of any sign, bill, poster, placard, or card; or the distributing of any advertising matter by handbills, or otherwise, except signs posted by the Park District, is prohibited upon Park District property unless authorized by the Park Board or its agent.
    B. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph A., handbills may be distributed on Election Day only, at authorized polling places on Park District property when the person responsible complies with applicable Illinois State law for such distribution and cleans

    Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

    11.23 USE OF ALCOHOLIC DRINKS (Revised 11-19-01) $75/$100

    Beer and wine are permitted at Main and West Beach in the picnic areas only; the Racket Club during special programs; and the Rotary Building as approved by the Executive Director. Beer and wine may be consumed at Veteran Acres when approved as part of a picnic or shelter reservation or permit. Beer and wine may be consumed at Lippold Park when purchased from Park District vending only; and beer, wine and mixed drinks may be consumed at Park Place when purchased from Park District vending only and in compliance with City and State licenses. Consumption of alcohol in other individual programs and buildings must each be approved by the Executive Director. The Park District reserves the right to prohibit alcohol in any/all parks/buildings at any time it deems necessary.


    1. No person under the age of twenty-one (21) shall purchase, possess, consume, be under the affects of, or transport any alcoholic beverage on Park District property.
    2. No person shall give, provide, sell or offer any alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of 21 years old on park property. $200/$250


    A. Unlawful: No person under the age of 18 shall purchase, accept, possess or consume any cigar, cigarette, smokeless tobacco or tobacco in any of its forms.
    B. Furnishing Tobacco: No person shall sell, buy for, distribute samples of or furnish any cigar, cigarette, smokeless tobacco in any of its forms, to any person under the age of 18.
    C. No person shall smoke any cigar, cigarette, or pipe within a designated "NO SMOKING" area or if not marked, a minimum of 15 feet of any building entrance, exit, window that is open, or ventilation intake that serves an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited in violation of the "Smoke Free Illinois Act" 410 ILCS 82/1, et seq., as may be amended from time to time.
    D. No person shall smoke any cigar, cigarette, or pipe on or within any building located on Park District Property in violation of the "Smoke Free Illinois Act" 410 ILCS 82/1, et seq., as may be amended from time to time.
    E. No person shall smoke any cigar, cigarette or pipe within the fenced in property commonly referred to as Main Beach or West Beach.


    Crystal Lake Park District Fishing Ordinance 11.17 Fine $50/$75 per fish

    Wading into any park district body of water, other than Crystal Lake, to fish is prohibited. Fishing is allowed from shore or from piers installed for that purpose.

    A. All Illinois Department of Natural Resources Fishing Regulations will be enforced.

    B. Crystal Lake Park District (Crystal Lake and Park District Ponds)

    Species Limitations
    All Fish 3 Poles and Line Fishing Only
    Channel Catfish 6 Fish Daily Creel Limit`
    Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass 18" Minimum Length, 1 Fish Daily Creek Limit
    Walleye Pike 18" Minimum Length, 2 Fish Daily Creel Limit
    Northern Pike 24" Minimum Length, 2 Fish Daily Creel Limit
    Muskellunge 48" Minimum Length, 1 Fish Daily Creel Limit
    Bluegill or Red Ear Sunfish 15 Fish in Total Daily Limit
    Crappie-White or Black 15 Fish in Total Daily Limit
    Yellow Perch 15 Fish in Total Daily Limit

    C. All fish caught must be taken or released unharmed and in live condition subject to the provisions of this section.

    D. Each fish is a separate violation.

    E. This Fishing Ordinance will be enforced on all Park District bodies of water, including but not limited to:

    • Crystal Lake
    • Woodscreek Park
    • Four Colonies Park
    • Veteran Acres Park
    • Lippold Park
    • Sterne's Woods and Fen
    • Winding Creek Park
    • Willows Edge Park (both ponds)
    • Prairie Ridge Conservation Area

    Print Fishing Ordinance 11.17

  • Environmental


    To wisely use, recycle, and conserve our resources to build a better future within our park district and community.

    The Crystal Lake Park District has adopted the following strategic areas to stay at the forefront of environmental concerns:

    • Recycling and Waste Reduction
    • Education and Public Information
    • Buildings
    • Grounds
    • Human Health

    Recycling and Waste Reduction

    For more than 80 years the Crystal Lake Park District has been providing our community with programs, parks and open space to make our lives better. Countless hours have been dedicated to providing the residents of Crystal Lake with the highest possible quality of life. We ask for your help as we continue to improve our efforts to make the world a better place for us and future generations.

    When visiting Main Beach, West Beach, Veteran Acres and Lippold Parks, you will see one bin only for aluminum, glass and plastic. All other items should be placed in a trash receptacle.



    The following items are allowed to be placed in the recycling bins located inside of park district buildings:

    • Newspaper, copy paper
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Metal cans
    • Plastics coded 1-7
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Tin and aluminum
    • Magazines
    • Junk Mail
    • Catalogs
    • Telephone books


    • Styrofoam, including packing peanuts
    • 6 pack rings
    • Oil containers
    • Grocery bags
    • Plastic bags, bubble wrap


    Education and Public Information

    The Crystal Lake Park District Nature Center serves as the primary provider of environmental education throughout the district. Open year-round, the Nature Center provides a unique opportunity for young and old alike to experience nature through progressive programs, hands-on activities, seasonal exhibits and volunteer opportunities. Demonstration gardens that include native landscaping and rain barrels are used to educate visitors.


    To improve the efficiency of existing buildings, energy saving devices are used to replace outdated switches, appliances, lights, hand driers and other items. When remodeling or constructing new buildings, green technologies and building products are preferred. Our newest building, a restroom in Veteran Acres Park, is constructed to utilize photovoltaic power for electricity.


    The Crystal Lake Park District discontinued the use of fertilizer and herbicide for general turf care more than ten years ago. Currently, only athletic fields are treated with fertilizer (non-phosphorous) and herbicide. Spot application of herbicide by licensed individuals is done as needed to control weeds in playgrounds, along fence lines and in landscape beds. Biological and cultural weed control practices are used as much as possible.

    Human Health

    To demonstrate our commitment to reducing the use of products that pose a hazard to human health and the environment, all of the cleaning products, hand soap, floor finish and paper products used in Crystal Lake Park District facilities are Green Seal Certified. Dust mops and paper towels used for cleaning have been replaced with micro fiber products, vacuums are CRI approved and HEPA filtered, and ready-to-dispense cleaning products make our bottles refillable.

    Be Clean, Be Green, Be Healthy!

    Other Programs

    Project Quercus

    Oak tree seedlings are planted with the aid of volunteers to begin reforestation of natural areas.

    Natural Area Workdays

    Volunteers join together to eliminate invasive species from Sterne's Woods and the Wingate Prairie.

    Clean Up Day

    A yearly community wide clean up co-sponsored with the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce.

    Lake Management

    As the owner and caretaker of Crystal Lake, the Crystal Lake Park District performs a variety of management tasks each year, including water quality sampling, hydrology monitoring, aquatic macrophyte sampling, aquatic weed control, and fishery management. In addition to Crystal Lake, the park district manages ponds and streams in twelve other parks.

    Natural Areas Management

    The Crystal Lake Park District owns and maintains two Illinois Nature Preserves, the 185 acres Sterne's Woods and Fen and the 40 acre Wingate Prairie in Veteran Acres Park. More than 300 additional acres of natural areas are also located in the district, including Veteran Acres Park, Lippold Park, Willows Edge Park and Prairie Ridge Conservation Area.

  • Report Vandalism

    As citizens and taxpayers we are all paying to repair this unnecessary damage. The Crystal Lake Park District spent $25,000.00 dollars since 2004 to repair vandalism. Tips from concerned citizens have helped to decrease the amount of vandalism damage each year since 2005. If you have a tip for police you can report in any one of the following ways.

    A listing of all criminal damage (vandalism) in our park system is available by request. If you live near one of our parks and have information concerning a criminal damage incident please use one of the methods below to contact us.

    Phone Park District: (815) 459-0680
    US Mail to Police: 1 East Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

    Email: Chief Dan Dziewior