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Grand Oaks Recreation Center

Grand Oaks Recreation Center is the site of the Grand Oaks Active Adult Center, Dance Classes, and many other programs and special events throughout the year. The building includes program rooms and large auditorium area which are available for community rentals. Set in a wooded area just off Route 176, the building has been extensively renovated through the years and now features dedicated dance rooms, auditorium area with elevated stage and wood vinyl floors. Several rooms are dedicated to the Grand Oaks Active Adult Center including a lounge area, art room and game area.


Grand Oaks Recreation Center is located at 1401 W. Route 176, Crystal Lake. This address is not located by most GPS units. The best way to locate Grand Oaks via GPS is to plug in 'Briarwood & Route 176' or enter 'Grand Oaks Recreation Center' and then hit search on GPS, you can get correct directions to that intersection. Grand Oaks is on the Southeast corner of that intersection.

(approximately 1 mile west of Route 14 on Route 176, just east of the intersection of Briarwood & 176), Crystal Lake NOT Island Lake.

Grand Oaks Active Adult Senior Center

Grand Oaks Active Senior Center Phone: 815.356.2414

Grand Oaks Active Adult Senior Center is open for drop-in activities (times vary based on day and activity).

Other Programs at Grand Oaks

Grand Oaks is open during scheduled programs and there are waiting areas for fitness and dance programs. Please see the current activity guide for class info and times.


Grand Oaks Recreation Center auditorium, a small kitchen and program rooms are available for public and community group rentals. Contact Antony Mores at 815.459.0680 ext.1226 or email amores@crystallakeparks.org.