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Strategic plan 2017-2022

2017-2022 Crystal Lake Park District Strategic Plan-Approved July 20, 2017

Update Feb 18, 2020 Crystal Lake Park District Strategic Plan

ADA Transition Plan

History and Current Status

NCA Executive Summary

Trail Audit and Accessibility

ADA Transition Plan 2020

Assessment of Programs and Facilities

miscellaneous documents and Publications

Long and Short Term Goals

Crystal Lake Park District Short-Term and Long-Term Goals 2015-2016

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives 2010-2012

Comprehensive Plan

2010-2014 Crystal Lake Park District Comprehensive Parks & Rec Master Plan

Seasonal Activity Guides (archived)

Summer 2021 (digital only guide available online May 3, 2021)

Winter/Spring 2020-2021

Fall 2020

Summer 2020

Winter/Spring 2019-2020

Fall 2019

Summer 2019

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Fall 2018

Miscellaneous Publications

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Wagon Ride and Campfire Program Info

Tree Donor Information Form

Park Report Newsletter February 2021

Park Report Newsletter October 2020 (Annual Report)

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Lake Lines Newsletter September 2018 (Final Issue)

Lake Lines Newsletter April 2018

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Lake Lines Newsletter April 2016

Urban Forest Management Plan

Master Plans

Sunset Meadows Master Plan

Willows Edge Maintenance and Development Plan

Main Beach Master Renovation Plan

Lake Management Documents

Appellate Court Decision 1999

Hey and Associates Presentation from 2017 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

Hey and Associates Presentation from 2012 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

Hey and Associates Presentation from 2011 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

Hey and Associates Presentation from 2010 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

Hey and Associations Presentation from 2009 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

Hey and Associates Presentation from 2004 Crystal Lake Annual Meeting

City of Crystal Lake-Crystal Lake Watershed Stormwater Management Design Manual

Bauer Report (Watershed Resource Management Study)

Executive Summary

Aquatic Plant Management Recommendations