Natural Resource Management Project Underway at Veteran Acres

Wed February 7, 2024

A series of natural resource management projects are ongoing at Veteran Acres Park. Within oak groves, invasive underbrush and some less desirable species of trees are being selectively cleared to make way for desirable undergrowth such as spring ephemeral wildflowers. Clearing the smothering invasive brush out of the oak groves will also make way for new oak seedlings to germinate, allowing the oak stands a better opportunity to regenerate and achieve more varied age diversity.

Among strategies and tactics for oak ecosystem recovery identified in the Chicago Wilderness – Oak Ecosystem Recovery Plan are “Understory and canopy thinning—focused on reducing stem and canopy density…” “Remove and eradicate non-native invasive plant species, especially woody shrub species, that inhibit oak regeneration and shade out native herbaceous species.” For more information on oak ecosystem recovery see the full plan (click)