Staff Directory

Administration/Business Services Division

Jason Herbster, Executive Director Direct Line: 779-994-4248
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1203
Katrina Hanna, Superintendent of Business Services Direct Line: 779-994-4245
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1206
Anna Olas, Human Resources Manager
Interim Safety Coordinator
Direct Line: 779-994-4240
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1202
Ann L. Viger, Director of Park Development & Interpretive Services
ADA Coordinator
Direct Line: 779-994-4239
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1205
John Fiorina, Manager of Natural Resources & Interpretive Services
Main Line: 815-455-1763

Ashley Palazzo, Colonel Palmer House Manager Main Line: 815-477-5873

Jenny Leech, Marketing Manager Direct Line: 779-994-4250
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1212
Jacqui Weber, Marketing Coordinator Direct Line: 779-994-4247
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1214
Sherri Van Vlierbergen, Assistant Marketing Coordinator Direct Line: 779-994-4257
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1218
Marguerite Foglesong, Customer Service Representative Direct Line: 779-994-4237
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1211
Anne Sandor, Executive Assistant/Office Manager Direct Line: 779-994-4236
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1204
Lisa Ward, Customer Service Representative Direct Line: 779-994-4239
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1209
Jodi Penczak, Payroll Bookkeeper Direct Line: 779-994-4251
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1207
Kim Dunn, Billing Bookkeeper Direct Line: 779-994-4254
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1233
Debbie Kaeser, Bookkeeper Direct Line: 779-994-4255
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1208

Recreation Program & Facility Services Division

Kurt Reckamp, Supt. of Recreation Program & Facility Services Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1216
Kim Buscemi, Manager of Recreation Services Direct Line: 779-994-4253
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1217
Claire Naughton, Manager of Facility Services Direct Line: 815-526-3206
Main Line:
815-459-0680 x1227
Jaime Coplon, Manager, The Racket Club Main Line: 847-658-5688 x2014
Connie Stinek, USPTA Tennis Director, The Racket Club Main Line: 847-658-5688 x2015
Lauren Thibodeau, Facility Rental/Concessions Supervisor Main Line: 847-477-5871
Sandra Thompson, Early Childhool Supervisor Direct Line: 779-994-4256
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1220
Joe Davison, Lippold Park/Athletics Supervisor Direct Line: 779-994-4252
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1228
Jennifer Peterson, Fitnees/Youth/Teen/Active Adult Recreation Supervisor Direct Line: 779-994-4249
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1219
Jessica Ortega, Aquatics Supervisor Direct Line: 779-994-4244
Main Line: 815-459-0680 x1213
Lindsey Pollina, Cultural Arts/Special Events Supervisor Main Line: 815-459-0680

Park Services Division

Erik Jakubowski, Superintendent of Park Services 815-477-5007, x2101
Chief Dan Dziewior, Police Chief 815-356-2415 x2201
Randy Knipfel, Park Maintenance Supervisor 815-477-5007, x2104
Valarie Roberts, Grounds Supervisor 815-477-5007, x2102
Rec Alert RainoutLine: (815) 410-4475, Crystal Lake Park District RainoutLine

Administrative Office: (815) 459-0680