Martial Arts

The Crystal Lake Park District offers youth and adult classes in a several types of martial arts and self-defense methods:

  • Pre-Karate/Safety
  • Youth/Adult/Parent & Child Karate
  • Hapkido

Classes for ages 4 and up are available year round.

Shotokan Karate is Chicagoland's premier karate school taught under the instruction of John DiPasquale, a four-time National Champion, US National Coach and President of the US National Karate Federation.

Hapkido is the Korean art of self defense. What distinguishes Hapkido from other traditional martial arts styles is that Hapkido is both an Art of Self-Defense and an Art of Discipline. Hapkido primarily emphasizes the subduing of an opponent with minimal strength.

Contact Crystal Lake Park District Recreation Supervisor in charge of Martial Arts:

Heidi Stolt

(815) 459-0680, ext. 1213

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Crystal Lake Park District Martial Art Students in the News!

On Sat, January 22, 2022, Crystal Lake Park District Hapkido student, Mitchell Cagle, was awarded his First Degree Black Belt by Hapkido Instructor, Ken Ostergaard. Black Belts are awarded after meeting the following requirements.

  • Learn conduct rules, self discipline, meditation, breathing and the elements of Hapkido
  • Learn all warm up skills, stretching techniques and Korean words and numbers
  • Learn to fold your uniform how to tie your belt
  • Learn proper techniques for punches, elbows, kicks and knee strikes
  • Learn stranger awareness for children how to get away, avoid, subdue or defend
  • Learn safety protocols for adults how to get away, avoid, subdue or defend
  • Learn all eight forms their stances and footwork
  • Learn proper striking locations and pressure points, block and strike techniques
  • Learn special hand techniques, basic blocking,basic movements and flow drills
  • Learn safety falling, ground fighting and ground controls
  • Learn about the history of Hapkido and the Korean Flag
  • 12-week class for each weapon training, dan bong , bow and a weapon of choice
  • Learn to subdue using defensive skills11 belt levels,offensive skills 2 belt levels (147 skills)
  • Learn to read body language to avoid confrontation or to prevent getting struck
  • Learn proper control and strength training to break wooden boards at each belt level
  • 6 months training and teaching classes under a black belt supervision
  • 100 question test, a letter of recommendation, a full test of all of the above
  • A demonstration of any skills,techniques,knowledge,weapon,form that's requested along with breaking 6 full size 1 x 12 real pine wood boards
  • All of this is emphasized that Hapkido is the art of self discipline and self defense to secure your safety and your families safety and to build self-esteem, positive attitude for the future.