Athletic Fields

Field Rental and Reservations

Weather permitting, and based on availability, athletic fields at various locations can be rented for your group.

Please note: field rental reservations must be completed in person at the Crystal Lake Park District Administrative Office, 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake.

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Field (Soccer, Lacrosse, Football)

  • Lippold
  • Woodscreek
  • Four Colonies
  • Sam Johns
  • Wyndwood


  • Lippold
  • Spoerl
  • Veteran Acres
  • Ken Bird
  • Canterbury
  • Fetzner
  • Four Colonies
  • Indian Prairie
  • Knaack
  • Ladd
  • Woodland Estates

Lippold Park Field Map

2019 Rental Rates

Lippold Park
contact Joe Davison, 815.459.0680. ext. 1228

Volleyball Courts


Synthetic Fields


All Other Baseball Fields


Soccer Fields $60/hour
Football Fields $60/hour
Lights for Softball Field additional $25/hour (2 hour minimum)
Lights for Baseball Field additional $25/hour (2 hour minimum)
Veteran Acres Park
contact Claire Naughton, 815.459.0680 ext. 1227

Softball Field


Lighted Softball Field

additional $25/hour (2 hour minimum)
Other Fields
contact Marguerite Foglesong, 815.459.0680 ext. 1211
Knaack Park $5/hour
Ladd Park $5/hour

Community Service Lighting

Lights will be provided to the community free of charge at the facilities listed below. The service period will be seven days per week. To stay consistent with other lighted park facilities, these lights shall be set to be turned on in the spring no later than March 31 and turned off daily at 10 pm. These lights shall be turned off for use no sooner than October 31. This policy applies at the following locations:

  • Lippold Park Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Veteran Acres Tennis Courts
  • Veteran Acres Sled Hills-lighted when conditions allow for their use from dusk until 10 pm

Lippold Park Soccer Fields

Please visit the Crystal Lake Soccer Federation website for information regarding the Soccer Complex.

Sprinturf Fields at Boncosky Softball CompleX

Players wear their normal spikes on the Sprinturf, and no special equipment is required. Infielders will get truer hops, and Sprinturf's softness will slow balls down slightly, unlike the artificial turf of years past. To help infielders' depth perception, the areas running from the base paths to the edge of the outfield grass will be tan. The rest of the infield is green to give the field a look like a high school infield.